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News 25.08.2020

Baustelle des Goebel Kompetenzcenters in Eschenbach

Chamber of commerce meeting 2020

Business meets politics

The Eschenbach (Lucerne, Switzerland) chamber of commerce had the honor of welcoming local and regional politicians for an informal meeting held in the new Goebel production facilities. Goebel Capital GmbH and a&o kreston ag hosted the meeting held at Rothenburgstrasse 34.

Dr. Manuel Vogel, who represents both Goebel Capital GmbH as Chairman and a&o kreston ag as partner, presented the new facilities of the a&o Business Center (flexible office and meeting rooms available on a daily, weekly or longer basis) as well as the new Goebel production facility.

After the formal presentations, a&o kreston ag invited the participants to a sit-down wine and cheese reception.

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25. August 2020


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