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From 10µm film to 500µm cardboard: Goebel offers the most efficient and productive solutions for packaging printing for a wide range of high-quality applications.

Goebel supports the packaging printing industry with a unique and innovative offset printing solution: the VSOP 2.0, a new standard in packaging printing, first published as VARIOMAN together with manroland Goss web systems.

Sustainability, efficiency and highest productivity with an optimal ROI and highest print quality are the main advantages of Goebel's packaging solutions.

Goebel offers high-quality web-fed printing presses such as the Novaprint, Concepta and Alprinta as a brand new release together with the new group member Goebel MMD Maulburg in cooperation with Muller Martini Switzerland.

Goebel stands for printing expertise in flexible packaging and cardboard applications.


Flexible packaging

Goebel has outstanding systems for high-quality printing results on flexible substrates. In this way it is possible to make shrink sleeves, film packaging and the like.


Cardboard packaging

With the Goebel packaging machines, many types of paper and cardboard can be printed with the highest quality and efficiency.


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