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High performance offset printing solutions

In offset printing, Goebel provides its customers with significant advantages in every respect, thanks to its most efficient and productive high-performance offset printing solutions for a wide range of high-quality printing applications.

High security printing solutions

Goebel provides highly efficient all-in-one printing solutions, that are equipped with the latest high-security printing technologies, which are even required for banknote printing, among other things

  • Gravure printing (direct, indirect)
  • Offset printing
  • Printing and numbering in letterpress
  • Silk screen printing
  • Hologram application
  • Flexographic printing
Packaging printing solutions


Goebel has a comprehensive range of machines - including the VSOP web offset printing machine - as well as many years of installation experience for major international customers. Goebel developed the latest generation of web offset printing technology (VSOP 2.0) for flexible packaging, cardboard and other special applications.

  • Web offset printing (VSOP 2.0)
  • Flexographic hybrid combination
  • Gravure hybrid combination
Security printing solutions

In addition, Goebel offers a so-called hybrid printing machine for all types of security printing applications such as tax labels, visa stickers, passport pages and many more, which can be individually tailored to customer requirements on request and thus clarify an optimal solution.


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